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Erotic Adventures

Lust, desire and death - the gods have spoken

14th September 2011

Accrisius would admit no regrets. Not now, not ever. He stood imperiously, regaled in all of his finery, the gold chest plate majestic and imposing, the red feather streaming from his helmet, his face stern and his loins girded. He showed no mercy, no pity, no concern at all for his beautiful young daughter and her new born child as he watched them sealed within a lead coffin and hurled into the tumultuous sea. A storm howled about him and those who witnessed the scene, the wind beating their faces, brief flashes of lightning illuminating a pitch black sky and rain soaking those present to the skin.

Fires raged and music played as Accrisius showed his contempt for Zeus by holding  wild orgy of sexual abandon on the cliff top. The wine overflowed, special potions imbibed and the most beautiful young women of Argos danced topless in the shadows cast by the flames, sparks of fire dancing above their heads. The men watched on in lust and desire and soon the young virgins were claimed for the world of men, deflowered and enjoyed by men who showed only contempt for those who had defeated the very Titans themselves. Zeus glowered and the storm increased in its ferocity and intensity.

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Danae knew that she was breathing her last and she wept as she caught a last glimpse of her baby boy before the lid was sealed on her tomb. And then she felt the inertia as the coffin was hoist and then a feeling of weightlessness as the coffin soared high over the cliffs of Argos, plunging at speed in to the dark and brooding waters of the Mediterranean Sea. She steeled herself for the impact as she imagined the casket crashing against the treacherous rocks and when it came she was plunged into unconsciousness. Danae had wrapped herself around the infant, protecting his frail body from the worst of the hit, but there was nobody to wrap themselves around the poor, unfortunate girl.

The baby was doomed to accompany his mother to the afterlife but instead Poseidon, under instructions from Zeus, intervened and bore the coffin aloft, the lead weight of no consequence to a god. The coffin bobbed upon the ocean for two days before it was seen by a fishing boat and brought aboard, the crew eager to discover if it was indeed a treasure chest sent from the gods to reward their honest endeavours.

The treasure the fishermen discovered was a baby boy, his name was Perseus, he was the son of Zeus, and he was to be the saviour of the gods of mount Olympus...

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