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Erotic Adventures

Maxine and the Concubines

16th June 2011

Maxine eagerly listened and learned from the Marquis. She had found her sexual soul mate and she was ready to do whatever he wanted of her. De Sade greedily devoured her, utilising various instruments of pleasure to expand her sexual horizons. He also introduced her to uninhibited group sex, with two of his concubines providing lusty service.

Maxine had never imagined that sex could be so liberating and empowering. Her greedy consumption of all that De Sade taught and did to her was as much a political as a sexual act. She was free and liberated and was saying to the world that she was what she was and nobody was going to stop her from her need to take pleasure from pain. She was thoroughly enjoying living beyond the accepted norms, society’s boundaries no longer acceptable to her. She wanted to expand her sexual horizons, with experience, narcotic substances, elements of risk, most certainly a heavy dose of the taboo and by shocking those around her with her lusty open mindedness and acceptance of practices that subordinated her to her lovers.

But she also enjoyed being in control. During one session De Sade’s two young concubines had been tied, standing up, to metal hoops hanging from the wall of his chamber, their naked bodies exposed. Both Maxine and De Sade had used their whips with abandon before releasing the girls and exchanging places with them. The four had then enjoyed lusty sex, Maxine and De Sade taking one concubine each for their satisfaction.

But Maxine demanded more and each lusty encounter only served to stir up the sexual cauldron inside of her. She needed to expand her horizons and take her experiences up a level.

Maxine’s pursuit of ever more satisfying, taboo, dangerous sex led her to spending time – fuelled with De Sade’s money and a promise that she would reveal all to him after each occasion – in the seedier sections of Paris where she would seek out sexual satisfaction. On one occasion, late in the evening and with gas lamps only partly illuminating the dim streets she accosted a man who was clearly awaiting someone – a girl perhaps – and she steered him into an alley where she hitched her skirts and allowed him to feel her and pleasure her with his fingers. It wasn’t enough for Maxine and she forced him onto his knees and sat astride his face, savouring the soft tongue but yearning for more.

More to come from the Erotic Adventures of De Sade and Maxine tomorrow.

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