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Erotic Adventures

Maxine's lesson in lust

14th June 2011

De Sade looked at the beautiful, adoring, fresh faced young woman sitting next to him in his private chambers. She seemed relaxed and at ease, no doubt an effect of the tea he thought. How little did she know of the world or of men’s desires. How little she knew of his personality, his penchants, his infamous sexual proclivities. He had tasted many sweet things during his life, both within and without institutions designed to break his will and alter his consciousness. But they hadn’t succeeded; his will was as strong as ever, his determination resolute. In fact his desires had increased as had the intensity of the experiences. It required a special girl to understand and appreciate his tastes. Maxine may or may not be one of them, but she would begin her learning this very day.

As she looked into his eyes De Sade suddenly reached out and grabbed her hair roughly. Pulling her to him his he licked her face repeatedly, tasting her and leaving a wet residue. At first she seemed aghast, shock about to set in. But as he licked and she felt the heat of his breath on her neck and breast she somehow felt relaxed and indeed, wanted the comfort that only a physical, warm, living creature can provide.

De Sade forced his right hand down the front of her tight fitting dress, popping several buttons in his greedy efforts to enjoy the touch of her breasts. Ripping open the front of her bodice in haste and passion he lustily licked and sucked at her breasts whilst hitching her skirt. She let out a short squeal followed by a long sigh as his fingers found her. And then he pinned her arms down and behind her head with one hand whilst stretching to a side table to retrieve two devices of pleasure. He placed the nipple clamps on her breasts and soon they were in position, tightened by a turn screw that squeezed the two wooden panels together. She gasped at the initial pain but then found the sensation running from her breasts to her groin, where the Marquis was now focussing his efforts and his tongue.

Maxine enjoyed each and every moment. She so wanted to be with this man and she was determined to show that she could be just as knowing, just as carnal, just as sensual as any of the city girls the Marquis had known.

To be continued over the next few days.

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