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Erotic Adventures

Maxine's misguided love for the Marquis

10th June 2011

Maxine was entranced by the handsome, articulate and sophisticated man she had met at Charenton. She had not enquired as to his reasons for incarceration; he had hinted it was all a misunderstanding and that no doubt he would be leaving soon. He did seem to live a life of relative luxury judging by his clothes and the fact that many of the staff seemed to run around after him as if her were the master and they the servant.

And he was so charming! The way he listened to her girlish tales, the way he laughed and the way he comforted when she would feel shy and vulnerable. Oh he was a joy. No doubt her mother would object to his age but then many young girls of her age – and after all she was nearly nineteen now – had been placed in arranged marriages with much older men of wealthier stock. She was sure that her mother would not object to his money!

But oh, should I be fantasising so, Maxine asked herself, an involuntary blushing attack lighting up her face. After all, the Marquis has given no indication of any desire for me. He has been sweet, gentle natured and kind. But he has not shown any inclination to love. But on the other hand she was a virgin, so that stood her in good stead as a potential bride, she was not unattractive and she would be a good wife and mother she thought. Her lack of experience with men physically should not be a problem with a man who must be nearly fifty she thought, he will be kind and gentle and will be able to guide me. He will be patient and will wait until she is ready to commit herself to the physical side and after all it’s not that important, there’s far more to a marriage than carnal awareness.

Of course Maxine had totally and completely misjudged the Marquis de Sade’s sexual proclivities. He would do anything he pleased, when he pleased was his motto and he had already spent nearly thirty years incarcerated as a result of his ‘liberated’ and extreme sexual behaviours. If the girl hadn’t been so provincial and ignorant she would have known about him, she could have read on the black market his views on all things sex.

Continued tomorrow when De Sade decides to give Maxine an Erotic Adventure, giving her a first lesson in the art of taboo love.

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