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Erotic Adventures

Miranda - a chick with attitude on Tesla 3

22nd June 2011

Miranda was a sexy tomboy. She liked to wear somewhat masculine clothes though she would always leave a shirt open just one button too many and her pants were as tight as it was possible for them to be, she would literally have needed for the tailor to sew them onto her if they were to be any tighter. Miranda wasn’t a lesbian nor was she confused about her sexuality, she was a confident and strong young woman but she liked to play with convention.

When she had first arrived on Tesla 3, around eighteen months earlier, her husband to be had been horrified. He had envisioned a life not unlike that enjoyed on the old frontier of the wild west back in the eighteen hundreds. He had imagined a wife wearing  pinafore dress and chained to the kitchen, making all sorts of delicious stews and baked apple pie and... well, it hadn’t worked out like that. Isaac had been livid with the powers that be that day. He had demanded action be taken, he couldn’t believe such a mistake had been made. He wanted a soft, sweet, adorable little gal and he had said so right there, right there on his form! Man, how could they have sent him a lesbian?

Miranda had just laughed. She had expected as much. Some hick, small time farmer with a view of the world rooted in the past – though she had been surprised just how far back Isaac wanted to go! She would have to ask permission to pee with this guy! It wasn’t going to work but that hadn’t come as a complete surprise if Miranda was being honest.

Miranda was no fool. She knew that the way she was dressed and the way she acted would put off a certain type of man and that was just fine, that was what she intended. All she had to do was get a swapped assignment to some guy was a little cooler, more hip, and then the fun times could begin. There must be tens of really cool, successful guys on this place who could appreciate a hip chick with a bit of attitude and a fun loving philosophy of life?

To be continued soon when Miranda discovers a hidden talent that could make her fortune on Tesla 3 whilst Jake continues to slack – though his luck’s in with the ladies as his Erotic Adventures gain ground.

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