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Erotic Adventures

Miranda's erotic charge

25th June 2011

Miranda was a sensation. Jake stood behind the bar with his mouth agape, he couldn’t believe that his was the same bespectacled and gloomy girl who would serve tables on minimum wage in this shit hole of a club. He hadn’t given her a second glance. He knew that she had a nice rear – she would often wear skin tight pants but everything else had been so expertly covered up and her messy hair and long fringe meant that he had never really had the best view of her.

This woman was electric. It was as if a light had gone on in the club. All eyes were upon her. It’s funny, thought Miranda, how people are so easily fooled. They jump to all sorts of conclusions based on the flimsiest of evidence. She had chosen to be the way she was, she was no victim. Her style was her own. So, ok, she could conform for this one night lest her boss get his kicks out of her humiliation. No, she would show what she was made of and then she knew, her boss would be chasing her, but she would go back to what she wanted to be, just ordinary. That would be her ultimate revenge on the creep.

Miranda moved as if on a bed of air and soon she had taken centre stage. The other dancers around the room realised that they had become in this moments surplus to requirements as everyone moved to gain a better vantage point from which to see this stunning piece of woman flesh.

Miranda caught the deep and heavy bass beat of the music and began to gyrate her hips, her hands wafting around each other above her head, her hair used to great effect, swinging around as she succumbed to the trance like music and the smoky atmosphere. She felt her mood, warm and rich like melting chocolate, her vision a haze of swirling images and grasping hands as people tried to touch this phenomenon. In an age where beauty could be so easily created, cosmetic procedures as common as dental appointments, she was special. Her sexiness was natural and her confidence intimidating and delicious.

One could feel an erotic charge in the air. Plenty of folk were gonna get laid tonight, thought jake, and it’s all down to this sexy creature cavorting in front of them. Sex on a stick indeed.

To be continued soon when Jake takes notice but Miranda has other plans.

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