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Erotic Adventures

Miranda's moves - Tesla 3 continues

24th June 2011

The club manager didn’t ask Miranda to dance so much as order her to go backstage and get changed. Her protestations that she wasn’t a dancer fell on deaf ears. Her discomfort increased when she reached the dressing room and was confronted with all manner of skimpy costumes. In fact some of the ‘costumes’ seemed to her to be nothing more than a piece of cloth and a belt.

Miranda settled on a tight, short trouser jump suit with a zip directly in the middle up the front. It was in a gold lame and had cut off sleeves and a high collar. She added a white spangled bra and a white cowboy hat and finally teamed with old west white cowboy boots and a whip she was ready. She pulled the zip as far up the front as she could – that is, just up to the centre of the bosom as whatever she did she could not avoid displaying some cleavage.

Wearing outwardly sexy clothes was a revelation for Miranda’s voyeurs if not for the girl herself. Underneath the baggy, male oriented attire that she sported out of choice she knew that there was a hot babe lurking. She had fought against being seen as an object and a visit to a vastly overcrowded beach on Earth aside she kept herself pretty much covered up. But that had brought her more than her fair share of suspicion, derision and scorn. Men turned against her because they did not understand her, women because she didn’t conform.

Tonight Miranda was going to conform to the stereotyped expectations that they all had of her. She knew that the manager had chosen her out of spite. He wanted to see her fail, wanted to join in the laughter as she humiliated herself, wanted to make her feel uncomfortable and stupid. Well, she didn’t dress or behave sexy not because she couldn’t but because she didn’t want to. Tonight they would be privy to the real girl.

Six foot tall, a sixe six, generous and pert breasts, a beautiful curve of the hip, long-limbed and lithe, Miranda was hot, sexy stuff. Her face, now made up and highlighted rather than hidden behind a lank fringe and glasses was stunning. She had put her hair up quickly into a bun and her startling cheek bones made an entrance. When she walked it was more of a sashay, her ass moving sexily from side to side as her hips swayed. The crowd gasped as she took to the floor.

Tomorrow – Miranda’s erotic adventures begin and Jake tries his luck.

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