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Erotic Adventures

More from the Marquis

6th June 2011

Money was the only answer the Marquis had to his problem. Five years incarceration, surrounded by mad men and women, brutal and insensitive warders and deprived of ‘polite’ society he would use his fortune to obtain those things that life made bearable. He had already managed to obtain private quarters in a quieter part of the chateau that had once been owned by a powerful and wealthy aristocrat but which had been sequestered for the revolution, at first used as an administrative building but then, due to its distance from Paris, being converted into the asylum it was today.

De Sade enjoyed the finest tailored clothing and the latest fashions were regularly shipped in. It was custom and practice that inmates paid for their own food and De Sade enjoyed lavish banquets regularly. He also brought in those specialist items that he used to induce extreme pleasure through pain and he had set up one of his rooms as his sex parlour, complete with all manners of restraints and contraptions for sex.

The one thing he could not do was bring women into the asylum for sexual gratification. This bothered him greatly and he berated his lot often at nights sitting on his own and desiring of female company. The female inmates were of no interest to him and the female wardens, the few there were, were repulsive, common and dirty beasts unfit to pleasure the Marquis. He had hoped for a  visitor and a chance to bribe a guard to look the other way but strangely none of his concubines, none of the gentrified women he had so used and enjoyed had deemed to visit. He assumed that they were worried about their reputations. Damn reputation, he bellowed, storming around his confinement like a tiger prowling in a cage – a beast not made for containment.

The virginal Maxine de Montfort was a different fish entirely. Born to wealthy stock and well schooled in a convent in the wilds of Northern France, this pale skinned youth had never known the company of a man. She was ignorant not only of the ways of men but also of herself; her own desires were a mystery to her. She had been brought up strictly to understand the love of god and no other and it had been intended that she would join the convent as a fully fledged nun but it wasn’t to be – when her father had died unexpectedly her mother had called her home for support and now here she was undertaking charitable work with which to gain entry to heaven, rather than the more straightforward route as a nun.

To be continued on Tuesday.

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