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Erotic Adventures

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5th December 2011

When I told sexy Bedfordshire escort Pam about the hot action in the Berlin sex club she immediately sounded excited and said she would join me but when I told her that she had to wear something that could be described as ‘fetish’ her mood changed as she hadn’t packed any extreme sex clothing. She said she would do what she could and would text me in an hour or so if she couldn’t make it. Hopeful of my hot Bedfordshire girl friend joining me I turned back to the task of finding something that would turn me on. I wanted to join in and get some satisfaction!

A text came through as I scrutinised the lusty men and women copulating in public, putting everything into their pursuit of sexual pleasure and not giving a damn about society and its constraints, and as usual it was from the sexy Bedfordshire escorts back home who were helping me to navigate the sexual high seas of European hot spots on our ‘Sexy Bedfordshire Girls on tour’ erotic adventure.

Cheap Bedfordshire escort Lisa was concerned that I might end up a wallflower as many of the randy participants in the various orgies taking place may have been regulars. The Bedfordshire escort suggested that I take independent action to stoke up some interest and that I throw myself whole heartedly into whatever occurred. I wasn’t too sure about the advice. Whilst I had enjoyed the sex session with a dozen strangers in a Dutch sex club it had been dark and my imagination had allowed me to picture all sorts of attractive men and women enjoying my body, regardless of the reality. Here there was dim lighting and however subtle and well done it still meant that I could see my prospective lovers...

Meanwhile two guys and a gal had caught my eye in a semi-private room to the side of the main space. The only thing that separated the room was a length of black rope to cordon off the place. Everyone on the main room could still see everything. The two guys were dressed in the full monty of fetish wear: leather chaps with bare arses, leather face mask, bare muscled chests, and heavy black boots. The girl was the helpless ‘victim’ in the fantasy, though of course she was no such thing as being submissive was her bag and she was thoroughly enjoying the rough treatment at the hands of the two dominating males, dressed in a white bodice, stockings and suspenders and living out her carnal adventures for all the world to see. She was gorgeous, petite and nubile and with full, pouting lips. Her skin was so inviting and I longed to taste her, to lick at her neck and breasts and to give her oral pleasure...