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18th February 2011

Beauty and the Beast


Now I’m a little uncertain whether this story deserves an even wider mention than it has had already, or even that I want to write about it, or even that you will not be so disgusted and repulsed by it that you won’t want to read it. But I can’t help myself, I simply have to tell you about the grandmother who had sex with her pet dog and even went so far as to pose for a snap mid-coitus.

Forty two year old grannie, Paula Mangan was snapped whilst at it with the family Rottweiler – brave choice of animal if you ask me, they’re ferocious things aren’t they? – by her loving boyfriend, forty one year old Lee McCall. (Gran at forty two? Can’t let that pass without comment now can I? Let’s work that out. Say she was twenty when she had her daughter and her daughter was twenty when she had the grandchild? That works, no problems, move on.) Police on raiding their flat on other suspected offences found tens of images that they termed ‘indecent’.

Can you imagine the shame? Not to mention the ignominy. Up in court Ms Mangan admitted having had sex with the animal. It’s not known what the animal admitted to or whether it was consensual... She got a two year community order. The dog still lives with them which seems a bit harsh on the animal if you ask me.


Kate not looking so peachy now she’s bleachy


There’s a snap of Kate Moss in the papers this week sunning herself on a beach in Rio, Brazil and featuring her new bleached blonde barnet. It doesn’t particularly suit her, but what’s more she looks absolutely terrible in the photo, like she has been on a forty eight hour bender and only had an hour’s sleep on the sofa with an old cushion and a throw for comfort. Come on Kate, what happened to the glamorous supermodel we all know and love? Thankfully we have the beauties here at Bedfordshire Escort Services to brighten up our day!


Bet you it’s a Winner


A new diploma in gambling is the world’s first and at a cost of seventeen thousand pounds for a nine month stint you had better be good with the ponies and have won a quid or two before you start! Centaur College in London devised the course and it will land successful trainees with a recognised qualification backed by a professional awards body. Meanwhile, the recession hasn’t affected gambling with only football pools facing a drop in numbers of players in the latest survey. I bet it will be a great success but then I thought that when I put money on England to land the World Cup last summer.