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Erotic Adventures

No passion for the imprisoned Perseus

29th September 2011

After a night in a cold and damp dungeon Perseus felt anything but sexy. He had been treated like a common criminal so that a stuck up princess could make a point. That annoying women, he thought! One day he would bend her over his knee and spank her, the petulant wench. Of course, despite his anger at his mistreatment he still desired the voluptuous and nubile beauty, that he couldn’t deny. But boy was she irritating! He had never let a woman get under his skin the way she did. Well, once she came down to this hell hole to visit him he would charm her and would be out of here in no time...

Unfortunately for Perseus at that moment Andromeda was preoccupied with the unannounced and sinister arrival at court of a mysterious hooded stranger who had demanded to see Acrisius or he would bring the city down in flames. At first the sentries guarding the fortress had laughed at the crooked beggar but when they had tried to evict him from the city they had suffered a terrible fate, apparently dissolving into salt in front of the watching eyes of many citizens. There had been nothing for it but to grant him entry.

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Hades, Lord of the Underworld stood before Acrisius and set out his demands, which he knew the old king could never agree to. He would sacrifice his daughter to the gods of Olympus in reparation for his many sleights on Zeus, king of the gods. He would also give up his throne and lead a penitent life, proclaiming at noon every day the almighty power of the gods and paying homage to their generosity and omnipotence.

Hades was in fact no friend to his brother Zeus who had tricked him upon the defeat of the Titans into becoming Lord of the Underworld whilst Poseidon became Lord of the Seas but Zeus himself had mastery of all else and still held dominion over his two brothers. The idea of being a mere serf, subservient to Zeus was not what Hades had in mind and it was time for a change of government...

His plan was a simple one. Provoke mankind to wage war on the gods and so whilst Zeus had his attention focussed elsewhere he would depose the King of the gods and assume his place on the throne at Olympus.

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