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Erotic Adventures

Ole Lucy!

15th April 2011

It was clear that Lucy no longer had any use for me, at least as a potential sexual partner. She genuinely wanted to be friends and I had to respect her honesty. Lucy pulled away from me and removed her clothes, allowing my eyes to linger on her curves, my disappointment hidden but not too well. She then leapt into the sea and joined Miguel in the water. I slunk back to my corner of the boat and pretended not to look but I couldn’t help myself and surreptitiously I observed the couple as they entwined arms and legs and began to kiss languorously and sensually, Miguel licking at Lucy’s long neck as she stretched her hair and head out behind her, like Millais’ Ophelia.

And then I could see that he had entered her as she arched her back in the water and moaned each time his rhythmic movement plunged his manhood deep within her. I stiffened in excitement myself and began to pleasure my erect member. I looked across, still partly hidden from their view and let my eyes take in the scene before me. The couple rose and fell with the swell of the water as their lovemaking intensified. And then Lucy noticed my looking but instead of showing any signs of anger or indignation she held my gaze and her eyes were the most erotic thing I had ever seen. It was almost as if she was physically with him but making love to me. My hand movements increased as I brought myself ever closer to orgasm.

And then Lucy turned and began kissing her Spanish lover once more before crying out loudly as she finally came, with Miguel’s sighs of pleasure coming only a few moments later. They swam back to the boat and climbed aboard.

Lucy sunbathing naked was a sight to behold, the fullness of her breasts, the roundness of her ass. The swell of her hips and the toned flat stomach that I lusted after so much all on view. It wasn’t long before Miguel approached her and began kissing her nipples and soon they were once more making love, though this time they left my company and used the cabin with its luxurious double bed.

From on deck I could hear her moans and yelps as he smacked her behind or took her roughly. I could hear her crying out when she came to orgasm loudly and repeatedly. I could hear her begging for more, desperate to reach the heights of sensation once more.

And then the day was over and I returned the lovers to the harbour. We made our goodbyes and Lucy kissed me on the cheek. It had been the most erotic time of my life and now it was over. I was never to see Lucy again but I often wondered and fantasises about what might have been, and what surely was as some lucky man somewhere took Lucy to bed.

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