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Erotic Adventures

Passion on the menu at Le Pluriel for the naughty Bedfordshire girl

27th October 2011

Hot Bedfordshire girl Pam had a date with her French maid and no doubt would be using our hotel room for her lusty sexual assignation that evening. That meant I had three choices: book another room, which was impossible on my gap year budget; wait it out in the lobby; or find some hot sex action of my own. Of course there was a fourth possibility, I could join Pam in her carnal erotic adventures with the delicious French girl but she had given no indication of any inclination to share her date with me and after my romp with the two Russians which of course I had kept for me and me alone I wasn’t surprised that Bedfordshire girl Pam wasn’t in the mood to be generous with her sex partners.

So, I determined to find some hot sex action of my own and I sent a text to my sexy Bedfordshire escort friends back home for some advice on where to go and what to do. The first reply I got, from Sue, widely known as the best escort in Bedfordshire, was uncompromising and to the point: “you are a hot Bedfordshire girl. You could stand in a bus shelter and a guy would hit on you. The issue isn’t getting laid; it’s who you want to be laid by!” She was right of course, I could go into any bar in the centre of Paris and a dozen guys would hit on me, especially being dressed as I was. I had put on a tight pair of hot pants which emphasised my long and lithe legs. A tight top displayed my pert breasts to perfection and a small soft black leather jacket added a touch of style and sophistication. Finished off with my highest heels and I looked the business, even if I say so myself! I had put my hair up on top of my head and wore little make up so I looked all of the twenty years of age that I was, all fresh faced – a virginal Bedfordshire girl no less and a nice mix of angel and devil I thought, that would tease and tempt the guys and maybe a lady or two as well.

I had been envious of Pam – her French filly was adorable and the glimpse of them making out had been playing over and over again in my mind. What if I were to go to a lesbian bar? But no, I would prefer a bi-curious girl with little experience of Sapphic love, someone I could explore and challenge, someone inexperienced sexually whom I could ravish, a virgin when it came to girl on girl action... There I was, off fantasising again! I decided whatever will be will be, male or female, gay or straight I was up for a lusty encounter and didn’t much care whether it was man or woman, one person or two or a combination. As long as the individual or individuals were attractive I couldn’t care less.

Another text pinged through from the Bedfordshire Escorts back home that had been following my sexual odyssey closely, enjoying a voyeuristic peek into the boudoir of my life. “Hey sexy Bedfordshire girl, why not try Le Nautilus on Rue Feydeau or if you are feeling really naughty then there is the notorious Le Pluriel on Rue Francois – but be warned, Le Pluriel is more Marquis de Sade than soft sex! But then you are a sexy Bedfordshire girl on tour and not afraid of a bit of risqué romping? Oo la la!” Well, that settled it, there was only one place for me...