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Erotic Adventures

Passionate, fun loving and ever so...

7th September 2014

OK I admit to it, I once had a crush on Lindsay Lohan. It wasn’t a full on lust fest, I just found something about her sexy. Perhaps it was that naughty look in her eye, that suggestiveness that seemed to be saying that she was up for anything. Unfortunately, not being the kind of person who mixes with top celebrities I never had the chance to enjoy the company of the teen starlet. Of course nowadays you would have to drag me kicking and screaming to go on a date with the has been actress. I know, I’m a bitch but as a red hot escort with a body made for sin I can be very picky and choosy when it comes to assignations with females. It’s strange really, but I can be attracted to a man because of his personality, humour, charm, old world manners or even just a twinkle in his eye but when it comes to dating other females I tend to go for girls who are hot, passionate, fun loving and ever so sexually desirable. I don’t think of this as double standards though, it’s just that men and women are different and a turn on when it comes to a man for me isn’t about good looks per se but with a girl it is. I guess it’s all down to chemistry and the way that our bodies operate. I’m not completely shallow as I do like all of my sexual partners to have a bit of a spark about them.

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