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Erotic Adventures

Paul and Ivan get down to business and seduce Chanel

14th May 2011

Chanel had now experienced her three deepest and most intimate fantasies and whilst she had enjoyed every experience she now felt at a loss. What would arouse her now that she had done the most sexual and sensual things that once resided only in the depths of her imagination? How would she ever again feel the keenest of thrills? What was there left for her to explore in her sexuality?

At the end of the evening Ivan and Paul had taken her to Ivan’s place, an impressive luxury villa outside the city. Once there she had showered and returned to the men wearing cotton pants and top. Her wet hair and fresh faced look interested the men anew. She had known that the evening would end this way and despite having been enjoyed by so many the thrill of her private show and the way in which she had been devoured by so many eager, powerful and confident men still sent a chill down her spine. Her erect nipples were testament to that.

She strode across the carpet to the men who were both seated on a large, luxurious leather sofa and she sat astride Paul, kissing him in a long and lingering wet mouthed lusty and sensuous joining of tongues. Ivan watched, enjoying the voyeuristic moment but knowing that he too would be satisfied before the evening was over.

Paul licked at her nipples through her top, leaving damp patches on both breasts. She wriggled around on his groin and he stiffened measurably. Paul’s passion rose and he tore at the flimsy cotton vest top, wrenching it free of Chanel’s body. Her cotton pants soon followed and Ivan looked on as Chanel once more enjoyed hot and passionate sex. Her appetite and stamina amazed him though Paul of course knew all about this incredible woman and her need for illicit sexual experience. He, after all, had been the one to ignite the fire within her.

It wasn’t long before Chanel reached out and began to massage Ivan’s manhood and then the men took turns to satisfy their need using Chanel’s enthusiastic and eager body.

Later that morning she took a long cab ride back to her hotel and caught a few short hours of sleep before she was due to take the bounce back leg of the trans-Atlantic flight to Heathrow.

It was on the flight that she began musing as to how she would ever be able to get the same thrill from sex again. What new adventures, new experiences, new explorations of her own sensuality would she need to pursue to once again experience the ultimate sexual thrills.

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Erotic Adventures for red hot sexy stories.