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Erotic Adventures

Perseus and the Bedfordshire Girls

6th October 2011

The lusty Corinna was a hot and sexy thing. She had enjoyed being seduced by the muscular and handsome Perseus and he had no compunction about bedding a married woman, as long as the husband didn’t find out. In his experience there was nothing worse than a jealous husband and he would rather face Medusa or the Kraken than a man enraged by his wife’s infidelities.

Perseus prowess in the bedroom was legendary and his sexual exploits would no doubt go down in history and one day his fame would travel around the world, tales of his lust read by the old men of Macedonia and by Bedfordshire girls, including young escorts in Dunstable, Flitwick and Luton. His fame would travel around the world.

But today there was only Corinna and the lusty lad and rampant, unadulterated, adventurous and hot sex. She was more experienced than most of the girl that Perseus had known and their time in the sack had become something of an erotic adventure for the youth as she taught him the many techniques of the concubine and the courtesan. The only problem was that she enjoyed risky open air intercourse and it was the thrill of possibly being seen that turned her on. This wasn’t what Perseus wanted. He knew that if it was discovered that he was still enjoying the sexual company of other women that the story would almost certainly travel as far as Argos and to the ears of his betrothed... That would not be good.

Thankfully Perseus had managed to find spots where only Corinna could have been seen, keeping a convenient tree between him and any passer by, or a Corinthian column or at one point a goat. It was a tiring matter and took away from his enjoyment of what should have been a lusty romp.

His needs satisfied Perseus bade the girl farewell and ignored her complaint that he had shown little stamina for their love making, vowing to meet with her again at the same time and in the same place tomorrow though he had no suh intention, his plan was to recruit six comrades and leave that very night.

Walking towards the amphitheatre Perseus could hear loud cheers from within and he hurried to get a ticket and enter the impressive arena. In the centre of the circular stadium two men wrestled and in a separate encounter two women writhed in the mud, all giving the distinct impression that this was a fight to the death. All of the competitors were naked as was the tradition and the crowd were enjoying the spectacle, baying like hounds for blood.

Continued soon.

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