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Erotic Adventures

Perseus and the pert princess

27th September 2011

The streets of Argos were hot and sticky, and a rancid smell of rotting food penetrated Perseus’s nostrils as he made his way to the home of the beauty Andromeda. He was light headed and nimble of foot, exhilarated by the sexual odyssey he had enjoyed in the big city. He only wished he had travelled to see the sights and sounds of the huge metropolis sooner in his young life. Andromeda was awaiting and the thought of bedding the hot beauty, making it a straight threesome of carnal encounters since his arrival only a day earlier filled him with excitement and sexual longing. He was horny and only the nubile princess could sate his desires.

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Little did he know that the pert princess had heard all about his erotic activity since arriving in Argos. In fact, since his latest performance on the rooftop of a common boarding house she had employed one of her servants to keep a tab on his movements and inform her of any more sex action for the young demi-god. She would make him wait for her sexual favours and indeed she had even asked her father Acrisius to have him held in one of the cells of his fortress to serve as a punishment for licentious behaviour. A new law was being passed to ram the point home to the unruly youth even now. Despite this she had dressed in her sexiest toga, a sheer silk number with a gold brocade. Teemed with her sexy sandals, leather cord wrapping around her calf in a sensual spiral she knew that she looked irresistibly hot and she determined to make him suffer before she allowed him to seduce her. She couldn’t and wouldn’t be as easy as a common peasant – and yet, the reports of his performance on the roof top and the first hand eye witness accounts of his huge manhood and expert sexual technique had her intrigued and hot under the collar. She so wanted to enjoy his body. It would be hard to remain strong in the face of such temptation, after all life was such a bore, what else was there for a girl to do other than to enjoy a regular romp with a randy soldier or two?

Continued on Wednesday when Perseus comes face to face with the object of his desires but instead spends the night in a cold and damp cell with nothing for company but rats and lice.

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