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Erotic Adventures

Perseus looks for love and lust at Argos

24th September 2011

Perseus still hadn’t found a place to stay and he knew that he would be looking more bargain basement than up market and desirable. The old quarter of the city was a dangerous place, with the scum of Argos loitering on the streets and up to no good. Litter was everywhere and the smell of waste pungent but inescapable. Perseus grimaced as he strode down the road and tried to avoid standing in what could be a puddle of just about anything.

He kept one hand to his side, near his sword and his purse. He was confident that he could defend himself against anyone or anything in a fair fight, but a fair fight was the last thing you could expect to get in this part of town. It would be dark soon and so he desperately needed a place but he was yet to see any signs stating a room was available. He had begun to think he would have to leave the city and camp in the forest when he saw a young beauty leaning against a door frame talking to a young man. It seemed to Perseus that the youth was not having a great deal of success with the sultry creature but that didn’t deter him from trying.

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Perseus’ eyes had been drawn to the girl but soon picked up on the text on a sign next to her head – ‘room for rent’. He walked over and enquired if the room was still free and how much it would cost to stay for a week. The youth didn’t appreciate the interruption and made it clear that Perseus should be on his way but the demi-god ignored the pimply teen and once more asked the girl if the room was available.

But she was stunning, thought Perseus as he looked into her eyes, and so naughty! He could recognise the look she was giving him, even as she ran her tongue across her lips. Was he imagining it or was she really being this forward? And then he realised, she was trying to make the boy jealous. And she was immediately successful as the youth threw a wild punch.

Perseus stopped the punch with his right hand, cupping the fist and squeezing until the bones began to crack. Then he let go and the boy fell to his knees before running off into the distance. “You caused that furore girl” said the hero, “and so you need to make amends.” With that he scooped her up into his arms.

The startled girl looked into the hero’s eyes and then rested her head on his chest. As he carried her into the building she indicated where the free room was. He kicked open the door with his left leg and dropped the young lovely on the bed, before tripping off his toga and standing before her.

“It’s time you and I got acquainted” he said.

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