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Erotic Adventures

Saint and Sinner - the virginal debutante and the monster that is Mr Hyde

17th August 2011

Hyde and the beautiful young aristocratic daughter of the third earl of Leamington were in a dingy room at the top of a gin parlour in Whitechapel. She had often been warned about the dangers of this part of London – there was a serial killer known as the ‘Ripper’ on the loose after all and he had so far murdered three young women in the streets. The gas lights did not do much to keep people safe – in the midst of a pea souper the lights only seemed to create more gloom, more uncertainty as to reality as figures loomed at you out of the dark and strange shapes formed in the shadows.

But she was with Hyde, a man desired by so many of her contemporaries and friends, though she had not spoken of him, he had forbid that. She so longed to tell her friends that she was with him and that tonight they would make love for the first time, her first time, her virginity yet intact. ‘Love’ – yes, that was it she thought, she was in love with this dark and mysterious, powerful man who never took no for an answer and who stood aside for no man. Oh yes, she had seen his fearsome and terrifying temper – he had savagely beaten one young man for just glancing at her, what rugged passion, what desire – but he had been enraged on her account and had defended her honour no less... One part of her knew that he was more akin to the savage than the romantic Heathcliff character she was creating for him but she could not help herself.

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She was standing in a silk sleeping dress as Hyde’s eyes travelled the length of her young body. Occasionally he would order her to lift the hem so that he could enjoy her ankles, her calves, her thigh and she had already untied the neck so that the dress was open at the front, revealing glimpses of pert and silky soft bosom. Then he asked her to turn and raise the hem so that he could peruse her buttocks and she had thought of saying no but he was so insistent and she was beginning to feel giddy, a strange and new warmth having surfaced in her groin.

More from the devilish, dastardly sexual beast that is Hyde tomorrow in another salacious erotic adventure.