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Erotic Adventures

Saucy film fun as the hot girls bare all

2nd April 2012

I decided to make the most of the recent trip by inviting half a dozen of my closest friends around to my house for a night of film fun. I had uploaded eight separate mini movies to my private website featuring all sorts of carnal encounters and I just thought what the hell, let’s have a barbecue, some booze and a sexy showing. I knew that every girl invited had already seen the saucy material but I also knew that watching it on your lonesome and having a real knees up with your friends and fellow visiting escorts was a whole different ball game.

Every single one of the busty escorts took up my invitation and not a single sexy escort declined. My friend Pam, a gorgeous brunette escort and as fun and flighty as they come had also uploaded a number of videos but she was less keen on watching herself perform in front of her sexy escort friends. It wasn’t like her to be shy but to be fair we had got up to some absolutely outrageous stuff on our ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ trip and so it wasn’t unreasonable for her to be just a little bit shy when it came to the crunch.

Personally I was determined to enjoy myself and so I had laid on some treats for my English escort pals. There was plenty of food and treats, all kinds of delicious snacks and of course plenty of vino! I had arranged the living room furniture so that my place resembled a home cinema lay out and I had a big LCD tv with HD so I would be there in all my glory, wrinkles, blemishes, imperfections the lot! Scary really but then given my fabulous body and my pretty face I wasn’t too concerned. I was more hot and bothered about the sexy contents of the uploads, and fully expected to relive over again in my mind the actual physical action on the screen. No doubt I would be turned on all over again by the hot girls and guys with whom I had coupled, enjoyed threesomes, hot sex, girl on girl action and much, much more! These films were not for the faint hearted and that was for sure!

Once all of the Bedfordshire escorts had arrived and got settled I darkened the lights and shushed the girls – the giggling had already begun – and then I hit play on my Blu Ray player. It was internet linked, a smart hub I think they call it, and so able to play the recordings directly from my cloud storage to the television. The room was quiet and an air of anticipation hung over us. Then the action burst into life and the sexy escorts sat transfixed as my naked torso came into view...