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23rd May 2012

You can’t go anywhere at the moment without seeing one of two things: something Olympics related, or something Jubilee related. Am I the only person who’s not particularly bothered about either? I realise that I am probably in the minority and those of you who are regular readers of my blog are probably thinking “oh here she goes again, off on another one of her cynical tirades!” but I think that would be a little unfair as I always give reasons behind my opinions!

Anyway, I asked some of the sexy escorts at Bedfordshire escort services what their take was on the whole thing and I got some very interesting answers from the beautiful busty escorts. They are not just pretty faces you know! Some of these girls have academic qualifications like degrees – I do! – and others are undergraduate students studying all sorts of stuff from anthropology to art, music to mathematics, literature to Latin American culture.. There used to be one girl, an English escort at Houghton Regis escorts who was studying quantum mechanics would you believe!

Back to the point! There were some very surprising and interesting answers from the hot escorts. For example, one girl linked the Jubilee to a kind of longing for a romantic past that probably never existed, nostalgia for a more feudal world where Britain was a mighty empire and the like. Of course we know nowadays that the empire stuff wasn’t all it can be cracked up to be and many people suffered because of it but I think her point is well made. Another girl said that people in England like to know their place and that is why we maintain an aristocracy and all of the silly traditions surrounding it, like the goat dressed up in all sorts of regalia for the Queen’s speech. I really hope that isn’t true as I firmly believe in the benefits of a meritocracy but I fear she may be on to something. A third visiting escort claimed that England is like one big clan and the cross of St George, the pomp and circumstance, tradition and privilege are all part of that sense of belonging. Again I hope she is wrong but it can be hard to argue against such well thought through ideas.

And then there is the Olympics. On this question my reasoning is far more prosaic; I’m just not that into sport. I was one of those girls at school who never had her kit and would bunk off for a sly fag around the back of the bike sheds! LOL. To be honest I do loads of exercise these days but it’s gym stuff and jogging, not competitive sports. I think they should do more aerobic stuff at school than hockey or netball myself.

So, I will have to hide away for the next month or two!