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Erotic Adventures

Seduction on the dance floor with the hot Bedfordshire escorts

14th April 2012

Sipping my martini at the back of the club I only had eyes for one person, the ravishing Felicia. There was something about a skin tight cat suit that got me going and when a girl has a body so perfect, so nubile and so desirable as Felicia’s then the combination is the ultimate aphrodisiac as far as I am concerned. I had made my interest clear and had received some signs in return that the hot Bedfordshire escort might be interested in a little girl on girl action later but for now she was busy strutting hers stuff on the heaving dance floor, surrounded by males thrusting their manhood for all their worth, like peacocks showing off their feathers as they pursue a mate.

It isn’t often that I wish bad luck on one of my fellow Bedfordshire Visiting Escorts but on this occasion I hoped and prayed that Felicia would luck out when it came to bagging a man for the evening. The other busty escorts dancing with her were also making headway, bumping and grinding their assets and being caressed and fondled in return. I swear it took only five minutes before two of the sexy blonde escorts got off with a guy! And the reason it took more than five minutes for the remaining outcall escort beauties was simply because the other girls enjoyed being chased almost as much as they enjoyed being caught. With us women foreplay and the role of the imagination are important in creating the right conditions to feel not just sexy but also horny. I can make love when I’m feeling sexy but I will give a date the time of his life when I’m horny. Boys, please note the subtle difference and put at least some effort into a romantic build up, it will be worth it in the end!

I sat back, hoping that I wouldn’t be noticed. In my sexy outfit I would be a target for the guys but I had set my heart on stripping Felicia naked in my very own bedroom and having her. I just knew that we would be perfect for each other and I fantasised about removing her clothes, garment by garment and letting my hands wander freely over her soft and sensuous skin.

My glass was empty though and so I was faced with a decision, stay in the shadows and go without, or make my way past the fun loving Bedfordshire escorts and go to the bar for a refill. I know what you’re thinking, it isn’t that difficult a decision and you’re right, I wasn’t about to spend my evening staring at an empty glass in a Bedfordshire nightclub...