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Erotic Adventures

Speed Dating

1st February 2011

Many people ask me about speed dating. What is it, how do I go about doing it and does it work being the three main questions.

Speed dating works like this: you go to a venue, usually a pub or club where you will meet, or ‘date’ a predefined number of women over a certain period of time – usually around two hours. If the event is for twelve then that would mean twelve men and twelve women, so you would get 10 minutes with each person of the opposite sex, theoretically giving you enough time to gauge whether or not you wanted to meet them again.

You can find speed dating events in your Bedfordshire area easily on the tinterweb. Costs are normally around £25 and the events are usually age banded – if you are a fifty something man or women looking for a twenty year old then this isn’t going to work for you!

Clearly this could be an extremely nerve-wracking way of meeting the woman or man of your dreams especially if you aren’t particularly articulate or talkative so prepare in advance. It’s also important not to panic – some people really struggle with the clock ticking especially if you are sitting opposite someone you really fancy! The following suggestions might help:

What is your favourite night out? A romantic meal for two at an expensive restaurant, a visit to the cinema or theatre or standing on the terraces supporting your local team? Drinks down the pub? Know what you like and have your answer prepared or ask her/him.

What is the most romantic thing a guy/gal has said to you? This is a good question if you want to get inside somebody’s head and understand what will push their romantic buttons.

What is your biggest turn off? Got to be careful with any questions that verge on the sexual side – you don’t want to come across as creepy!

Favourite foods/drinks/books/films? The ‘favourite’ list is endless and these questions are ok because they will keep the other person in their comfort zone BUT you mustn’t quick fire the questions as it will seem like an interrogation.

What is your dream holiday destination? Again, a sure fire winner (unless she has lived on the Outer Hebrides her entire life) as this will evoke good memories of sunny climes and holiday romances.

Do not ask about her ex, how many lovers she has had or if she goes speed dating often. All sure fire ways of bombing out big style. Also, beware the speed dating voyeurs i.e. those folk who pretend to be there looking for a date but actually are just taking the Michael. Happened to me once, two young and good looking doctors, male and female, who were just good friends but looking for love. Balloney! She turned out to be a visiting escort

At the end of the event some folk stick around to try and cement their dream date – pros and cons there! Best of luck in finding your perfect partner.