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Erotic Adventures

The Adult Ads

22nd January 2011

Looking for an escort years ago was not an easy task we were all relying on the local paper delivery and then a quick glance at the adult section or namely personal services which covered a multitude of sins but predominately all adult services,there could be three to four pages of adverts for escorts, escort agencies and massage parlours, most of the local papers were delivered on a Wednesday or a Thursday.  The biggest problem flicking through the classifieds was choosing the right company especially when you’re confronted with a mass of black and white 3x2 ads all using the same jargon to catch your eye.  At this point you had to rely on the honesty of the telephonist when you eventually chose which company you were going to go with.

In the last few years advertising in the locals was slowly diminishing partly due to the editors who decided that they did not want these type of ads so when the paper dropped onto your doormat you will be hard pressed to find any personal services ads due to the stringent controls from the short-sighted newspaper editors and sure enough when one sets a precedent they all seem to follow, difficult to understand how in these hard times they could throw away such a lucrative revenue stream, short-sighted, most defiantly.  Not being able to advertise your Bedfordshire Escort agency would this be the end. Well far from it.

The popularity of the internet and the flash design of websites has caused an explosion of adult services websites as well as Escort agencies that don’t need to waste there money on pointless adverts in the locals. The Internet seems to have enhanced the image of booking an escort and removed the seedy tag. One of the main advantages of browsing on line is that you see what the girls look like, see there vital statistics read about their likes and dislike and importantly of all read there reviews. Only one flaw in there photos is if the agency they are working for have airbrushed there pictures. You wont ever have that problem with they never airbrush so what you see is what you get