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Erotic Adventures

The Bedfordshire escorts and the brazen beauty

20th March 2012

We left the sash window of the hotel room open so that a cooling draft of air would pass over our hot bodies. Stacey had left little time in getting to grips with my curves. We had begun the evening with a sexy strip tease before getting up close and personal, our lingering kisses demonstrating our longing to enjoy each other physically. I had told Stacey all about my ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ enterprise and she had reacted warmly to the idea of my recording our sex session for posterity but also so that I could post it on my private website.

I had given the password to access the site to only a handful of people, busty escorts in the main from Bedfordshire visiting escort services. My visiting escort friends had been the ones who had given me the idea of a sexual odyssey across Europe and my English escort girl friend Pam had accompanied me. As two very sexy Bedfordshire girls we had seen plenty of sex action but I have to write that my carnal encounter with Stacey was up there with the best. There was something sensationally sensual about the beguiling beauty, se oozed sex appeal and you just knew that she was a dirty girl and that when it came to hot sex anything goes was her mantra.

After we had kissed for what seemed an eternity I could feel Stacey’s tongue becoming more insistent whilst her hands greedily caressed my toned body. Soon she had pinned me on to my back, her hands holding my wrists above my head as she kissed and licked at my neck and breasts before descending to my groin, my panties still in situ. Using her teeth the sexy girl tore at my panties and ripped them free of my body. I sighed loudly, my desire increasing and a longing to be pleasured washing over my tensed torso.

And then I felt her tongue, gentle and soft at first and then licking at me with deeper and longer strokes before focussing on the small and soft centre of pleasure where she slicked and sucked ta my engorged clitoris, taking me to orgasm within a matter of moments. Stacey was a skilled lover and I was putty in her hands. The sexy girl orchestrated our entire sex fest, dominating me and controlling my every move. I felt in sexual heaven, wave after wave of ecstatic feelings buzzing through my arched body, demanding more and more and moaning in pleasure...

For her part Stacey was an unselfish lover, ensuring that I enjoyed the lioness’s share of the orgasms that we achieved that evening before collapsing in each other’s arms and falling asleep. My last thought as I was engulfed in erotic dreams was of the naked girl beside me...