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Erotic Adventures

The brides of Tesla 3

21st June 2011

There were some single women on Tesla 3. The work on the infant planet was hard and strenuous and not all of the men who arrived on the planet with big dreams of striking out and striking it lucky did so. There were frequent accidents and the tough work often did for those whose heart wasn’t up to the task. To compound things when the men initially arrived and were taken to their ‘claim’ the first thing that struck them was the immensity of the task. Miles and thousands of miles of scrubland and rock stretched out beyond them. Though an individual would only be given a plot of land the size of two basketball courts it was still an immense undertaking. And years of digging and scraping at dusk took its toll on men already fashioned by the world to be morose. Heavy drinking was rife and only served to increase the death rates still further as heart attacks and liver problems combined to accelerate the mortality rate.

Jake wasn’t complaining. This was the only way he could get a look in with the women, many of whom were absolute stunners. When a woman put herself forward to be a Tesla 3 Bride her photograph would be submitted along with a profile and a brief videotaped message. Given the immense problems on Earth competition for a new start was tough. Men being men the most pretty and sexy were often chosen for the trip. To be fair to the women those trying to hook a man would go the whole hog for the cosmetic procedures that would enable them to compete with the best of them.

The problem Jake had was that he had come out to Tesla 3 as an ancillary worker. He didn’t have any initial start up capital and he was working for minimum wage. His ‘home’ was a pod – basically an all in one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom ingeniously designed to fit into the space that once upon a time would have housed only a small double bedroom. And even paying for that place took a fair chunk of his take home. Women just wouldn’t see him as a long term prospect. His only hope sexually was to be there when one of these chicks was going off the rails, was in between husbands or who was just plain naughty. Luckily for Jake Miranda was about to come into his life.

To be continued soon when sparks fly and Erotic Adventures ensue when Miranda meets Jake.

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