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Erotic Adventures

The bull frog and the beauty in Hyde's house of sin

30th August 2011

At that moment Danielle felt an arm encircle hers and before she could respond she was pulled into another room on the first floor. The hand that held her arm was soft, a woman’s grip. She turned and saw the masked face of a blonde headed slender beauty, with full lips and deep blue eyes. The girl was tall and elegant, her blue satin dress a deep sea of colour and her ample bosom pushed upwards and outwards by the balcony brassiere she wore. Her mask was in the style of a butterfly, her eyes providing the wing markings that birds would take for the real eyes of a much larger creature and therefore would refrain from attacking.

Also in the room, but sat in a large armchair, was a man, fully dressed but judging by the large bulge in his tight trousers a well endowed and aroused individual. As he looked at Danielle he undressed her with his eyes and he licked his lips, his large tongue not dissimilar to the amphibious creatures that use the appendage to catch flies. Danielle fought the wave of revulsion that engulfed her and instead focussed on the young woman before her. She estimated that she was almost the same height and build. Perfect. I have my disguise, she thought...

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The man barked orders at the two women and they obliged him, caressing as he charged, undressing to his tune. He unbuttoned his flies and touched himself as the girls aroused him with their sensuous kissing and caressing. Then he sternly instructed Danielle to bend the other woman over and lick her until she came. Danielle obliged, her lusty probing soon having the girl in a heaving internal orgasm. Just before the woman came Danielle felt the man’s hands on her body and his face between her legs, his unusually large tongue probing deeply and feeling good. Then as the woman came the man stepped up and took over the pleasuring of the other woman, and soon he was taking her very hard and greedily. Danielle urged him on and soon he too came, his long tongue lolling at the side of his mouth.

The couple were exhausted and did not seem at all concerned that Danielle had not achieved satisfaction. They had taken what they wanted and now they snoozed in each other’s embrace, Danielle free to leave. She did so, but not before she had taken the beautiful blue dress and the ornate butterfly mask...

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