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Erotic Adventures

The Chamber of Love - Part 1

20th April 2011

Gemima liked to watch. Even better was watching without being seen. She didn’t know when she became particularly interested in just looking. Though those that she ‘watched’ had to meet certain criteria. Now in her late twenties she didn’t question whether her interests and proclivities were right or wrong, she simply tried to have the experiences that she enjoyed. She was lucky to have been born into a wealthy family as this allowed her to indulge her passion in a way that other people could only have dreamt of and what’s more she could exercise her need for voyeurism as often as she wanted.

She had devised and refined a standard plan of action over the last few years. Initially she would meet some guy or girl in a club, though she tried hard to get close to demonstrably affectionate and loving couples. If no couple fitted the bill then she would be happy with an individual, so long as they were married. That was the first thing. It was their deception that she initially enjoyed, seeing them with their wedding bands, their happy relationships and then with their clothes removed giving and receiving head... She would splash the cash and the champagne and other substances would flow.  She would invite he, or she or them back to her place where the topic would inevitably turn to sex. She would introduce another girl as her flatmate – how else could she afford such a luxury penthouse they might think – who just happened to be a drop dead gorgeous Swedish blonde called Anya.

Anya was in fact a part time porn star with absolutely no inhibitions and a very healthy sexual appetite. Tall, slim and with a fantastic rounded behind and pert breasts few men could resist her charms – and only twenty years of age to boot, she could almost have passed for a Victoria’s secrets model or certainly one of those gorgeous visiting escorts.

When Gemima brought a guy home it was always easy. She would introduce Anya and the drinks would still be flowing. Anya would work her magic on the lucky guy whilst Gemima would quietly retreat from the room – like a malevolent spirit - sometimes she used an excuse to explain why she had to leave but usually Anya’s expert work would mean she could slip away and the shallow guy, by this time being pleasured by mouth, wouldn’t even ask twice. When a man did ask it was never out of concern but always regret, regret that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy two women’s mouths on his solitary member... She didn’t care, it was all the same to her, she would be the one enjoying true pleasure soon enough.

To be continued.

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