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Erotic Adventures

The Diary of the Doctor - carnal, sensual and deadly secrets revealed

7th August 2011

The Story of Dr Jekyll – part 1

As a respectable man from a well to do family I had a certain standing in the community I’m sure you will understand. My role was as provider and pillar of the business community, as a religious, devout family man who was expected to do the right thing, demonstrate the good and virtuous qualities of the English upper class and retain a stiff upper lip no matter the circumstances.

But in my heart there lay dormant a darker side, a venal, licentious, free spirited, bohemian and sexually desirous individual, a beast that I had managed to contain but at what personal cost to my sanity and my psyche. You must not judge me on what I am to tell. What follows is a genuine attempt to explore as well as explain my actions and their ruinous consequences. I know that it will be difficult for you not to recoil in horror or in disgust, for you not to call out my name and sekk and justice for those I have so sorely wronged but I beg of you to look deep down into your own heart, your own soul and tell me that you too are not human, that you too do not desire the pleasures of the flesh, carnal knowledge of some sweet young thing?

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“Judge not, lest ye be not judged” – so it says in the good book and I cling to that hope, that I will be granted mercy when my time comes to stand in front of St Peter and have my life’s work dissected and my destination set. Heaven or hell... I have experienced both on earth...

My general practice was thriving, disease had been rife all across London with the poor sanitation and the many travellers, including the armed forces, returning from exotic and faraway places with exotic and mysterious ailments. With British colonies across the world – Africa, India, The Americas, in the pan Pacific region and in the middle and far east London had become a hot bed of viruses and diseases with treatments thin on the ground. What made an Englishman travel to these places I often conjectured though of course the answer was always the same: money and adventure. I longed to be treating folk with the common cold but still, I was getting the money if not the adventure.

This erotic adventure continued tomorrow when the doctor’s dark secret begins to emerge...