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Erotic Adventures

The dirty doctor has no place to Hyde

10th August 2011

The writing had suddenly tailed off as though the writer had fallen asleep part way through his sentence. It looked like my writing and yet was not, there was a firmer edge to the scrawl, the pen almost pushing through the soft vellum paper at one point, as though it had been written in rage. A moment of fear struck my heart. I checked the logs and the ingredients of the potion I had taken before the blackout. With some trepidation I mixed up a second batch. I had to take this experiment further. I knew that the handwriting was me and not me at the same time...

I awoke with a start, there was a loud rapping on the door to the laboratory. I staggered over to it and there was Molly, clad in a satin nightgown,, her cheeks rosy, her face a radiant picture of health and happiness. I could see that she had the afterglow of sex, though as I had been comatose from the drug I knew that I had not enjoyed the lusty wench the previous night. She stepped into my enclave and then stunned me by allowing her night dress to fall to the floor. She stood before me, the lust evident in her eyes and she motioned to me to approach. I did so and she put her arms around my neck and brought my face close to hers. She kissed me, gently at first and then with more passion. I could feel a familiar stirring and I pulled her closer. It was then that I saw the reflection in the mirror of her back and bottom. She was covered in bruises and there were bite marks on her cheeks, scratches running the length of her slim and nubile torso, as though a wild animal had ravished her in the night.

“Take me again, like you did last night” she whispered in my ear. “Take the crop to me, I want it so, do what you want, I won't resist...”

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I did not know how to respond but I felt my passion rising and I threw the wench onto the chaise, spreading her legs wide and wrapping them around my neck as my tongue found her sweet spot. She pulled at my hair and forced my tongue ever deeper as she sought satisfaction like a horny beast, riding my face in convulsive spasms...

Continued on Thursday – more dark deeds from the doctor and his lusty alter ego in another Erotic Adventure.