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Erotic Adventures

The Doctor gets to play Jabba with Amelia

26th May 2011

It wasn’t long before we were back at Amelia’s place. Lying on her sofa, watching The Empire Strikes Back and knocking back a whole bunch of high octane cocktails. I resisted the urge to come on to her just yet, I wanted to wait for the ideal moment. She hadn’t yet revealed to me the secret that I already knew – that she enjoyed dressing up as Princess Leia in the slave girl outfit when she is a prisoner of Jabba the Hut.

“Do you go to any conventions?” I asked, apparently innocently but of course I had my reasons.

“Yes, I do actually. I really love meeting other Star Wars fans...”

“And do you dress up as a character?”

Before she could answer I pre-empted any potential reticence, reluctance or embarrassment by adding “I usually go as a stormtrooper...”

She beamed, “that would be why I don’t recognise you! What with the full suit and face mask and all but haven’t you seen me?”

I was taken aback but quickly recovered my position – “which conventions have you attended recently?”

She began to reel off a whole host of towns and I simply answered, that would explain it, not been to any these last few months because of work and last one I went to was in the North of England. She still hadn’t answered the question about the outfit she wore.

She was satisfied with my answer thankfully and seemed to believe every word of my elaborate lie. Before we could go on to talk more about the sub cult of conventions the infamous scene was on the screen, the princess in a sexy and revealing outfit chained to the enormous slug, Jabba the Hut.

“She looks so sexy” I exclaimed, “incredible, so desirable. I’d swap positions with Jabba in the blink of an eye...”

“Oh you would would you” she said in a coquettish fashion. “Well what if I told you that I havethat very same outfit upstairs hanging in my bedroom wardrobe and that that is how I dress when I attend a convention and that I might just try it on especially for you this very evening.”

I resisted the urge to answer her in Yoda speak, “I would say that I have died and gone to heaven...”

I waited for what seemed like an eternity on the couch but at least there was the distraction of the movie. In fact it was so good I almost forget the exotic sexual delights that awaited me. I knew from my notes that she expected you to treat her like Jabba, and one thing Jabba was famous for was his exceedingly long tongue...

To be continued.

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