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Erotic Adventures

The Doctor reveals his light sabre

25th May 2011

Beautiful brunette Amelia was easy enough to find – she literally worked as a waitress in a cocktail bar – a sexy one at that. With her uniform of french maid outfit with a lacy garter belt, high heels emphasising her pert little bottom, this five foot two and size four babe was sex on a stick. Her bosom was partly exposed and the Doctor couldn't help but steal a glance at it as she would totter from table to table delivering wine spritzers, champagne cocktails and ridiculously priced imitation import bottled beers.

He loved the way she flicked her hair about and the way that she flashed that beautiful smile – he assumed she worked for tips and by the way men were dropping fivers on to her tray, which she would sexily then deposit in the garter belt, she was pretty damn successful at it. This was his in he thought, reaching for his wallet and extracting a twenty. When she delivered his glass of oak cask aged ten year old malt whisky to his table he reached out and confidently and a touch arrogantly placed the twenty into her garter himself. A slight look of shock and irritation crossed her face but quickly passed when she saw the extent of his largesse. He exhaled inwardly, for a moment he thought he had blown it.

Sorry, was having a Darth Vader moment he said. He almost wanted to laugh but he knew what success in this game would bring and that would be too good to miss.

“A what?” She asked.

“Sorry, I'm a big Star Wars fan and I can't help using references from the movies! I meant I was a bit dark lord, a bit Sith right there, taking such a liberty...”

She smiled and reassured me it was no problem and then we quickly became engaged in a conversation about the Star Wars series. We both agreed the original three were masterpieces and the last three utter rubbish, that Harrison Ford was the man, the use of desert, then snow, then forest a stroke of genius and that 'The Empire Strikes Back' was the absolute pinnacle, though I did say that I was rather fond of 'Return of the Jedi' but mostly because of Leia and her slave girl look!

I could see an immediate change in her expression as she struggled to contain an urge to reveal her deepest sexual fantasy.

To be continued.

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