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Erotic Adventures

The Doctor, the Devil and the young beauty at his mercy

13th August 2011

Doctor Jekyll looked at the naked Molly as she lay spread-eagled across the bed, the signs of a ravishing at the hands of the brute that was Hyde evident across her back and buttocks. Her face however was a radiant picture of beauty and contentedness, like one who was dreaming of ecstasy and sexual satisfaction. And of course the doctor knew that she was. In his hands the two women in his life were simply sexual partners, the pleasure limited and tame, words whispered as if the speaker was ashamed to admit they had uttered them, the blinds closed, the man’s release the main focus of the sexual event.

But in Hyde’s hands women were ravished and they loved it, they couldn’t get enough of the man and his voracious sexual appetite, even though he may whip them or spank them roughly on their naked buttocks, even though he would tear off their clothes, sometimes with his teeth, and even though he would demand that they perform for him, dancing in their lingerie in a fully lit bedroom. Hyde would take the women to places of sexual ecstasy and fantasy that they had not even dreamed existed and when one session was over they prayed for the next one.

I took off my clothes and I ran my fingers down Molly’s back, trying to find the same dark and unholy desires within me that sparked Hyde but without the elixir but to no avail. As she stirred from my touch I was already imbibing another phial of the evil sexual concoction that would bring Hyde back to life.

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The doctor has released me from my prison once more – the foolish weakling that he is – and what’s more he has already provided an aperitif for my night’s revels. It would be a sin not to taste this young girl, though she has already provided me with her supple and willing services three times already. I tire of her but as she is already here, already naked, already stirring as is my manhood, why not – but I think I will tie her this time, I want to take her hard and deep, use her body to bring me the satisfaction that I need.

She looks so innocent, so alluring and yet I know her dark desires, her lust, her greedy need for my manhood between her legs. There is no hiding the truth from me my dear Molly.

This dark erotic adventure continued Monday.