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Erotic Adventures

The Doctor's dalliance with Saphic love

4th June 2011

Ange loved it, it was the sexiest thing she’d ever heard she said and she vowed to play her part in the deception – this would be crucial when we got under the sheets. Finally Jasmine approached us and led us both to her bedroom. There was no need of an explanation; it was an unwritten understanding that this would happen at some part of the evening.

We entered the darkened room and stripped before climbing into the bed. Jasmine and Ange took little time in exploring each other and I joined in using my tongue expertly on Jasmine. Ange began to lick at me and when Jasmine brought out the sex toys it was my chance to take her – she believed I was wearing a strap on as I took her forcefully and passionately and as she came she moaned and yelled loudly, enjoying the internal orgasm I had given her.

By this time Ange was in full flow and she used her mouth to pleasure me whilst she sat on Jasmine’s face and felt the full penetration of her tongue as she licked and was licked with abandon. I knew that if I was to escape with my deception intact I would have to leave whilst the sex was in full flow and it took an almighty effort of will to be able to walk away from those two sexy women. But if I stayed it was inevitable that I would be uncovered – and I could not risk my reputation or career. This story would certainly end up in the tabloids and they would inevitably find a link to my case notes – especially if Jasmine’s ex lover came forward and fingered me.

So, reluctantly I chose a moment when the two girls were totally into each other and I slipped quietly from the bed. Grabbing my clothes and dressing quickly in the room next door I slipped downstairs pausing only to watch some of the erotic action unfolding in the main parlour as the orgy got into full swing.

It was only a partially satisfying victory for the Doctor, and my efforts were getting more bizarre, more extreme. How was I to continue satisfying my desire for outrageous sexual thrills? How was I to continue to find satisfaction when I had to take increasing and dangerous risks – was it the risk that now fired me up more than the sex? I hoped not, sex was everything to me and I needed a woman right at that moment more than ever...

To be continued.

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