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Erotic Adventures

The Doctor's dark desires

21st May 2011

Julia was fully satisfied and clearly it didn't matter to her whether I was or not. I made a mental note to play her more like a musical instrument next time, controlling the crescendo as I plucked at her strings. Still, it had been an enjoyable and exciting experience and the first of many with this wild, feral temptress I hoped.

We exited the washroom and walked nonchalantly back to the bar, resuming our seats and sipping from our half empty wine glasses. The air around us was hot with sex and I registered many a suspicious and envious look from other guys. Their frustration at not being her man of choice was discernible, their glances dark and threatening.

“Let’s go back to my place” she said.

What I hadn't realised was the extent of Juliet's obsession with the Bard. We arrived at her townhouse and she led me to a bedroom. I cheered inside, thinking that my next erotic encounter with this vixen was imminent but instead she pointed to a wardrobe and said, “I want you to wear something special, choose your garments from inside that cupboard there.” I was taken aback, wasn't this normally the other way around. Surely she didn't expect me to dress in women's lingerie, or perhaps there were kinky men's underwear garments awaiting me?

Instead I was confronted with various sets of doublet and hose – traditional Elizabethan dress. Why wasn't this in the case notes I thought and then realised that the guys I had interviewed had been too embarrassed to mention this detail. Was I too embarrassed to try them on? Well, no actually. The prospect of another hot encounter with the beautiful and sensuous Juliet was too good to miss. I would have worn women's lingerie if that is what it took to bed her!

I tried on a crimson, ornately decorated doublet with beautiful intricate silk embroidery, a decorative white starched linen ruff and beige hose. My legs were not exactly my best feature but looking in the mirror I carried the look off quite well I thought.

Once dressed I left the bedroom and sought out the lounge, guided by the Elizabthan pavan, by a composer called John Bird I guessed, and duly arrived at my destination.

To be continued.

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