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Erotic Adventures

The Doctor's prescription? - pleasures of the flesh

20th May 2011

Julia had led me into the washroom of the upmarket wine bar in central London. I had romanced her with my secret knowledge that she found the words of the Bard of Avon irresistible and I had many an envious glance cast in my direction by the single and even married men in the bar when it seemed I was in pole position to whisk her off her feet. However I had not anticipated jusy how easy it would be nor the fact that she would want me immediately. I had eagerly followed her to the ladies and she had almost dragged me into a cubicle and slammed the door behind me. This was going to be something else I thought.

I did not feel any sense of wrongdoing though of course I knew that I had been unscrupulous, scheming and manipulative. I didn’t care. Like Dr Jekyll I had my own Mr Hyde and he would not be denied. Unlike the good doctor however I did not need to create and imbibe a potion, my fantasies, my desires were enough. And now, here with Julia I enjoyed my power. She would not be the last of my conquests I thought and after all, she is enjoying herself too...

With her skirt hitched and her panties off she was wet and ready for me and I thrust deep within her. She pushed at my shirt popping the buttons and she forced it over my shoulders revealing the bare flesh of my neck, shoulders and upper chest. I had been expecting this to happen, I had chosen her for her proclivities and needed to accept that she was indeed an animal when it came to her passions. Her teeth duly sank into my shoulder and I knew she had drawn blood. I contained the pain, aware of the other user of the washroom and not wanting any alarm to be raised that would interrupt this incredibly erotic moment.

Simultaneously Julia raked her long and manicured nails down my back, leaving deep scratches in my skin. She sucked at my neck and writhed against my body, her passion uncontrollable. She came loudly but thankfully by this time the room was empty. As soon as she came our love making finished – another thing I had read about her was that it was her own satisfaction that mattered, not her lovers.

To be continued.

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