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Erotic Adventures

The Domesday Scenario

23rd February 2011

Very soon you will find on your doormat a census questionnaire, in the tradition of the Domesday book we will be once more asked to reveal all about ourselves so that national statistics can be produced to demonstrate this, that or the other. For example did you know that according to the two thousand and one census there are over forty two million practising Christians in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Forty two million! Surely that cannot be accurate though it is perhaps placed in context when we also over tens of thousands of Jedi’s.

The census is a funny old thing. It sounds so friendly. It makes us all feel part of one humungous mass of mortality, like a big club. Sound bites will no doubt flow about the youth ogf today, the fact that life really does begin at forty these days, that having a purple rinse when you are a woman in your eighties is no longer de rigeur etc etc. But actually I think it’s just a massive exercise in the state gathering knowledge about the individual and I particularly balk at the religion question.

The religion questioned has only ever been on two previous occasions, eighteen fifty one and in two thousand and one. I’m not sure myself whey it is asked as clearly people do not answer entirely truthfully. Whilst I accept that there are many regular Christian worshippers across our green and pleasant land I don’t accept there are forty two million of them! I will be stating Jedi. May the force be with you!

If you don’t want to complete the census questionnaire, beware. There is a fine of a hefty one thousand pounds if you fail to complete it. Democracy at its best don’t you think?

Now the kind of census I would enjoy is one which asks a number of perfectly pertinent questions about the beautiful English Escorts arrayed before us in our fantastic online gallery. Nubile girls, statuesque girls, athletic girls, sensual girls - all beautiful girls. I could happily spend all night and perhaps half the next day too checking over the statistics of our beautiful babes, with intimate examinations of the facts and perhaps some of the fiction too – I love a good fantasy (and some of the erotic stories we feature on this site certainly stir up my blood!)

So, beautiful women in their droves, check. Official looking clipboard, multiple pens tucked into shirt pocket and paper, check. Intimate, candle lit and comfortable environment in which to undertake ‘questioning’, check. Inhibitions left at the front door, check. Good times ahead, double plus check! What? Even a Jedi has to have some fun!