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Erotic Adventures

The Dr discovers his Princess

24th May 2011

Amelia loved to dress up. Her boyfriend had revealed all of her most intimate fantasies in spectacular detail. In fact I had enjoyed listening to his stories so much I had played back the tape for my amusement many times later. I know you are once again reading this and judging me. Get over it. I think I have demonstrated that I have little concern for any code of ethics – my code is don't get caught. Yes, I had taken some incredible risks but so far I had been fortunate but as my appetites increased I knew that I had to be more controlled, more careful rather than carefree. Sexual desire was a difficult thing to control though – I knew, that was my job.

And though you may think it outrageous that I behave in this fashion even Dr Jekyll had something of Mr Hyde in him before he embarked on his tragic tale of transformative potions and unimaginable consequences. At least I was being honest with myself. I wanted to push the boundaries, I wanted to dominate and enjoy submissive women. I wanted to put my sexual urges and needs first and I was prepared to use my insider knowledge of women to get what I wanted.

At this time I wanted more of the role playing, fantasy fun I had enjoyed with Juliet. She had taken me by surprise – I thought she only wanted to hear Elizabethan, Shakespearean English spoken, I had not dreamed that she also wanted to dress up as a Tudor strumpet and be ravished by me attired in cod piece et al. Still, it had been sensational and I wanted more of the same – or at least similar.

Amelia had a penchant for dressing up. She enjoyed playing the role of a submissive slave girl. In particular she liked the guise of Princess Leia. Now I know that this particular scenario borders on parody and even humour and I certainly didn't think of myself as Jabba the Hut, though the years were taking a toll and it got ever more difficult to keep the pounds off and this particular sexy scene has even featured in an episode of Friends (Jennifer Aniston looking like sex on a stick by the way) but Amelia didn't know me, when we played it out it would be deadly serious and she would experience the most intimate, sexy encounter of her twenty two year old life. I began to make preparations...

To be continued.

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