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Erotic Adventures

The duality of nature haunts Doctor Jekyll

12th August 2011

Doctor Jekyll was stunned by what he had just read. Had he really become another person, another incarnation of himself under the influence of the potion he had produced? Could he really operate as another human being without any consciousness of his actions? How had this split or dual personality been constructed? Was there a real separation of his personality and that of Hyde’s or were they simply two sides of the same coin, Hyde the man that the doctor secretly longed to be, a manifestation of his own innermost desires?

He trudged wearily up the stairs to the lodging of his mistress, Molly. The wench was asleep, sprawled naked across the four poster bed, the scars on her back still evident from the night of lust she had shared with Hyde. He had ravished her savagely though the woman had enjoyed his animalistic urges apparently.

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The doctor wondered about women. Why did some of them demand a darkened room and a state of only semi undress, carnal pleasure to be achieved in silence? Why did they deny the senses the full extent of the pleasure to be had whilst other woman were voracious in their needs and demanded that a man take what was his and use her as he pleased. Why did some enjoy the stick and others the carrot? He could not make sense of this world he mused. And then of course there were those women who, like himself and Hyde, could live a dual existence. There were those who were prim and proper ladies of the house, all manners and civilisation in public, but then deeply sexual creatures with intense longings and sexual cravings when in private situations. Was it the case that all women had this hidden sexual trait, this proclivity to be used as a sexual animal but that they, like he, repressed their real desires through fear, convention or lack of opportunity?

The doctor decided that he needed to modify the elixir – it was one thing allowing his hidden self to be free but it was another to do so without actually being conscious of the liberty that brought. If he, Doctor Jekyll, was not consciously present when his wife was ravished then he was not partaking of the pleasure to be had. It was deeply frustrating to read of his wife’s sexual desire and proclivities and not be a part of the passion.

Tomorrow, Hyde goes on a sexual rampage... another Erotic Adventure from Bedfordshire escorts.