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Erotic Adventures

The fantasy world of the Bedfordshire escorts

27th March 2012

The fantasy world of your dreams is a wonderful place when inhabited by the wonderful, giving and delectable Stacey. The nubile girl had blown my mind with her inventive love making and her attention to my needs. As every woman knows there are different types of orgasm and some are intensely more powerful than others. I had enjoyed many male lovers and I had experienced ecstasy on frequent occasions and when combined with a love potion or two the results can be even better. But no man had ever given me an internal orgasm of the quality that Stacey had. The sexy girl had been like an artist between the sheets, my body her orchestra and she played every instrument to perfection. New sensations washed over me, the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stood erect and a surge of energy had my heart beating at a tremendous rate of knots. This was what having sex was meant to be like; this was the romantic and sexual intensity that I had been looking for in a lover. And yet we were fated to part and in a matter of days at that.

I had always avoided sentimentality and I had long since decided that I preferred the single life, not least because it allowed me to experiment with my sexuality, to enjoy multiple partners, sometimes simultaneously and to express my physical love whenever I wanted to enjoy the bliss of coming. Variety was indeed my spice of life. I suppose that is why I am so good as a visiting escort at Bedfordshire escorts. When I go on a date with a client I really enjoy the anticipation of a first meeting and then the frisson of excitement when you start to get to know someone. This trip, the sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour, had been a journey of a lifetime and I would have so many special memories to cherish, especially as I recorded most of my sex sessions with my mobile phone. But the hot girl on girl action with Stacey would live with me always in my febrile imagination as well as in cyberspace.

When I got back to the hotel the hot blonde escort Pam was still in bed and mid romp with a very attractive young woman. The busty escort had clearly had something of a night of it and lingerie cluttered the floor alongside numerous champagne bottles and various sex toys. The bed sheets had been discarded with the dirty duo both naked and entwined on the mattress. I have to admit that the girl was an absolute peach and seeing the lusty couple in an amorous embrace only served to remind me of my sexy girl, the one I would be leaving behind...