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Erotic Adventures

The genesis of Mrs Hyde

12th September 2011

Danielle’s eyes glistened with delight, her whole body shuddering in sexual anticipation as she watched the magical elixir begin to impact on the passive Doctor Jekyll. Soon she would have her lover, the moody and magnificent Hyde to share her warm bed again. She fantasised about the carnal games they would play and the many others, as yet unwitting, who would become pawns in their passion, mere walk on parts for those who lived only to provide pleasure for the more powerful and dominant sexual deviants.

Thoughts of elaborate sexual adventures, drug and violence fuelled escapades, sweet young things drawn into a world of sin and lust filled Danielle’s head as she watched the doctor’s spasmodic convulsions from the powerful effects of the transformative potion. Entranced she saw his features actually change, his eyes become narrower, his face less open and trusting, his hair growing longer and more unkempt, hi fingers become gnarled and grimy. The transformation was both terrifying and captivating. But then it seemed to stop and reverse, the Doctor’s face returning, Hyde receding once more into the deepest levels of the doctor’s unconscious.

Danielle cried out to her love to return, tears pouring from her eyes and running down her face and neck and onto her heaving and naked bosom. She became frantic and tore at her scalp. The thought of living a life without her soul mate was too much to bear.

Doctor Jekyll looked at the weeping girl and spoke softly, gently, his eyes looking straight into the pools of salt water that dominated her beautiful face. “I could not go on as Jekyll and Hyde. You must understand that I cannot live whilst knowing that my life brings nothing but depravity and destruction. I have always known that I have a monster deep within me but I have been able to control the ravenous beast. This drug, this magic potion has changed all of that. I cannot control the kraken nor can I experience its pleasures of the flesh, the delights of enjoying carnal knowledge of virtuous, innocent young women. I am a slave to Hyde, my body serves only to hold his self, and with that I cannot live.

“The potion you have administered is lethal, a concentrated mix of the elixir and conium, an ancient poison of the hemlock family. Like the philosopher Socrates, I too will die in my belief in the power of goodness and civilisation...”

With that the doctor’s head fell limply to one side and he was gone. Danielle beat her chest and tore at her hair in anguish. And then she desired death so that she could join her lover for eternity in the purifying flames of hell. Grabbing a bottle of the potion from a nearby shelf Danielle downed the elixir greedily, but this was not one spiked with poison, it was the perfected formula. Falling to the ground the young woman felt a strange sensation coursing through her body. She was about to become Mrs Hyde...

A new erotic adventure begins tomorrow!

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