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Erotic Adventures

The girl in the pure white toga

17th September 2011

Quickly, Perseus grabbed his makhaira, the short sword his father had entrusted to him and he ran. He struggled to make rapid progress on the treacherous shale cliff and the fig trees gave very little support for his torso as he used them as a sort of stabiliser to break his descent. A normal man would have taken ten minutes to reach his destination, Perseus took all of two minutes.

As Perseus hit the beach he started to run at speed towards where he thought the girl was. She was hidden behind the trees, not far now he thought. As he passed the trees his eyes locked on the struggle ahead. The girl was kicking and punching wildly but to no avail. One of the men had her gripped firmly by the arms and pinned to the ground on her face whilst the other was salivating and undressing. Perseus leapt straight at him and thrust his sword through his back and out the front of his chest. The second man was slow to rise and had made it no further than his knees when his head was severed in one blow.

The girl leapt to her feet and grabbed her discarded toga of pure white silk, holding the thin cloth garment in front of her breasts for some show of modesty. Perseus smiled at her but she looked unconvinced.

“What is to say that you are any better than those scum?” she asked, and fixed the young hero with an unnerving stare. She stood rigid and strong, her head held high and tipped slightly back, giving her a regal air. “And who are you sir?” she added.

“I am Perseus, son of Dictys, a humble fisherman my lady. I have come to see the famed city of Argos, kingdom of the legendary Acrisius, and home to the noted beauty Andromeda.”

“And what do you know of this Andromeda, fisherman?” she asked, her tone challenging and sarcastic.

“I know only what I have heard and that is that she is the most radiant beauty in all Greece, her hand in marriage sought after by emperors and kings and that she has remained a virgin all of her eighteen years as a sign of devotion to the gods. She is staying with her father Cepheus and her mother Cassiopeia in the city whilst the two kings agree a new truce based on creating  Delphic amphictyony. I have travelled to see her beauty and to offer my services to the king of Argos.”

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