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Erotic Adventures

The Good Girl - Chapter 2

17th January 2013

It had been a usual Friday night when she met Dominic. The club was packed, heaving with revellers, the dance floor a mass of bobbing humanity, drinks flowing as well as the usual happy pills. The queue for the bar was three deep and so she had been very busy, too busy to notice the well-dressed hunky guy staring at her from across the room.

When Sarah took a break and stood at the rear of the club enjoying a cigarette he introduced himself. She had looked him up and down and liked what she saw, though she was desperate to know how old he was.

His smile attracted her to him, a big, open, friendly, sexy smile. It was funny but her first thought had been ‘how much did those teeth cost?’ It was a film star smile. He must have been at least fifty, and at twenty one Sarah suddenly felt very young in his company. He was so composed, so self- assured. And so charming! The compliments had come easy to him and Sarah wondered if his was a well-practised approach. How many other young women had he seduced this way?

Still, he was good looking, in that distinguished sort of way and his greying hear was kind of cute. With his chiselled jaw, greenish blue eyes that looked right into your very being, tall and athletic frame he was everything she had dreamed of in a man, though about twenty years older than she had imagined her first lover would be.

It was easy to ignore the fact that he was married, as after all, his wife had long since ceased to be a wife in the real meaning of the word, he had told her so. At least she had survived the fall, it could have been much worse than just losing the feeling in your legs…

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