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Erotic Adventures

The hot Bedfordshire escorts Coco

12th November 2011

I crossed the walkway that connected the two banks of the river Amstel and headed towards Rembrandtplein, stopping off at the Rokerie for a couple of ready rolled Jamaican sweetness. I had taken a liking to the heady concoction and enjoyed the feeling of relaxed calm it provided, along with the sexy prod to one’s libido. The Bedfordshire escorts who were following my ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ trip across Europe had suggested that I head to the Australian bar in the square. The bar was called Coco’s and I have to admit that I wasn’t really that enamoured of the idea. It was hardly likely to be a stylish place for hot Bedfordshire girls was it?

But I did as I was told and soon I was standing next to the statue version of the Nightwatch, one of Rembrandt van Rijn’s most famous paintings. Across the way was CoCo’s and I sent a text to the Bedfordshire girls asking them to wish me luck, instead they sent this reply: “Hey hot and sexy Bedfordshire girl, my name is Bruce and I’m looking for a cheap Bedfordshire escort to play my didgeridoo. Can you help?” I laughed and popped my iPhone back into my pocket. If there was to be any sexy action then I intended to record it and post it to my special website which charted my sexual encounters, my erotic adventures whilst travelling.

I walked straight up to the bar and caught the attention of a beefy looking guy, with a five o clock shadow and a chirpy attitude. The girls had given me a message to relay: “Hi, I’d like to see Bruce or Sheila . Hot Bedfordshire escort Lucy sent me.”

He looked puzzled and I figured it had been a wind up – Bruce and Sheila for gawd’s sake! But then he picked up a mobile and tapped in some numbers, before turning away and speaking privately.

He turned back to me, “Ok,” he said, “you can have what you want, we have a Bruce and a Sheila who would be just perfect for you. You are one sexy little thing, and obviously a real naughty girl. Just wish I could be a part of the fun...” With that he beckoned me through the counter hatch and into a back hall and thence upstairs. He pointed to a door and then left, a short sharp whistle from his puckered lips revealing his envy at what was about to unfold...another erotic adventure.

I stepped towards the door and reached for the handle. Whatever awaited me would be sexy beyond the wildest dreams of this hot Bedfordshire girl, I just had to relax and go with sensual the flow...