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Erotic Adventures

The lusty daughters of aphrodite

20th September 2011

Perseus felt like a fish out of water in the big city that was Argos. He marvelled at the scale of the stone structures that adorned the streets, statues of various gods and demi gods including Apollo, Achilles, Athene, Hermes and his favourite, the Greek goddess of love herself, Aphrodite. The statue appeared so lifelike and so erotic – the plump yet firm breasts, her right hand resting near her left nipple, the other hand clutching a toga that has fallen below her waist and only barely covered her modesty, the physicality of the piece was certainly arousing.

And then there were the temples with their mighty Doric and Corinthian columns, over a hundred foot high. They reached as if to the heavens and Perseus could not resist entering the temple dedicated to Aphrodite. He noted that there were no statues of Zeus nor temples dedicated to the king of the gods – but given that Zeus had enjoyed carnal knowledge of his daughter Danae and that he had had no choice afterwards to have her killed – after all the prophecy did say that her son would kill him, Acrisius, - then it was not surprising really.

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Perseus entered the dimly lit temple and was immediately aware of a smell of some sort of narcotic. Like the pythia at Delphi, each city had its own mystic or oracle who, for a price, would communicate with the spirits and the gods in an effort to discern the future. Perseus suspected that much of their wild ramblings would have been curbed if they had burnt petuli rather than the noxious smelling gas that filled the air of the high ceilinged temple.

As he walked solemnly around the spiritual place Perseus did not know that the daughters of Aphrodite, young virginal priestesses who attended to the oracle’s needs were watching him. Clad only in short, thin togas and without footwear the girls would skitter freely around the building. The chaste daughters had spent their entire lives in the temple having been brought there at birth – chosen for a birthmark that indicated they were special or some other sign such as a conjunction of stars in the heavens at the time of birth. It was a great honour to serve but after a while the girls lost touch with reality as the narcotic wafted freely with them. Their thoughts were filled with joy and a need for pleasure. It was rumoured that the girls all shared a bed and enjoyed carnal pleasures and erotic adventures but that men were banned as they would break the spell of the temple and the pythia would be unable to foretell the future no more.

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