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Erotic Adventures

The Marquis and Maxine - 'just call me Francoise...'

8th June 2011

Maxine blushed, her cheeks almost immediately metamorphosing into a scarlet crimson. She raised her hand to her mouth in a juvenile effort to hide her embarrassment and of course her lack of courtly sophistication. But De Sade did not pursue this as he intended to seduce the girl and and so he played at being charm personified and simply carried on with his ruminations about flowers and nature, and how like people, flowers had their own personalities.

“And what flower or flowers best represent you... Monsieur....”

“De Sade is my name... though you may call me Francoise...” He stood and gave a polite bow. She didn’t notice his attire, which would have made it highly unlikely that he would be tending garden.

“It’s good to meet you Francoise” she gushed, feeling for the first time in her life the thrill of being wooed, and he was such a gentle man, so well mannered, so courteous..

“The pleasure will be all mine Milady...” De Sade fought a curling sneer of a smile and so kept his head bowed just a second longer than was customary, and then he returned his attention to her earlier question.

“Campanula and Mesembryanthemum chrystallinum, or Fig Marigold”, and as he named the two flowers he smiled, enjoying his intellectual game as well as the first stages of the erotic drama he was crafting. Of course, he didn’t reveal to her just what these two flowers signified: indiscretion and coldness of heart...

They parted company though not without De Sade making tentative arrangements to meet her again the following day. He knew that she would be staying in Charenton but as the weekend approached it was likely that she would return to Paris and that represented a risk. What if she made enquiries about him? It would not be long before she discovered that he had been incarcerated in various asylums for nearing thirty years so far during his lifetime, spending a mere seventeen years free to do as he pleased. Unfortunately free to do as he pleased had been his downfall – he did rather enjoy doing just whatever it was that pleased him. But those damn servant girls. Hadn’t he given them work, a roof over their head, board as well as lodgings? Hadn’t he given them fancy sparkling little trinkets as a token of his, well ‘needs’ if not ‘affections’? And then what, some light beatings, some fumbling, a paddle and a spot of whipping and they go running to the authorities. Pathetic little insignificant creatures...

To be continued.

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