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Erotic Adventures

The misfits dance of lust - Tesla 3 continues

28th June 2011

Jake was in Miranda’s dressing room at the back of the men’s club. He stood leaning against a doorframe as he spoke, telling her how much he had enjoyed the show. Miranda nonchalantly stripped as they spoke, removing the sexy dancing costume and replacing it with her usual uniform of white blouse and black short skirt. Jake’s eyes never once moved from her breasts which were a wonder to behold.

He had never seen such beautiful firm breasts. The curve as the breast sloped down and then up at the end with the nipple like a cherry on a cup cake. It was stupendous he thought and a bulge appeared in his pants over which he had no control. Miranda clearly noted it.

“You and me are the misfits” she said. “Nobody noticed me until I took off my clothes and danced like a sex crazed brazen woman. And nobody notices the poor bartender either, except I have. But you have never given me a second look Jake, and you’re just like the rest. You notice me now because I’m naked and you are desirous of my body. I can see your physical reaction even as we speak. Your erection speaks volumes for what you are interested in.”

But then she completely took him by surprise as she let her black skirt slip from her hips and she unbuttoned her blouse, freeing her magnificent bosoms once more. Stepping out of the skirt she approached Jake and kissed him, long and slow. He responded in kind and their tongues probed each others’ mouths in a slow and languorous dance.

Jake’s hands began to wander and he spun her round so that he could press his manhood into the curve of her bottom. Gripping her wrists he brought her hands behind her and used the bra from the dancing costume as a kind of temporary ligature, tying her hands behind her back. He then turned her to face him and he kissed her again and she responded. His lips and tongue then began to explore, focussing first on her breasts before he dropped to his knees and used his tongue on her clitoris, licking and flicking at the engorged organ, driving her crazy with desire.

Miranda had often looked longingly across at Jake and he hadn’t responded. She could punish him for that or she could just go with the flow and accept that she was the new ‘it’ girl in town. Whatever. Her physical reaction told her all she wanted to know and that was that she wanted him... and she wanted him right now.

This erotic adventure to be continued soon.

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