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Erotic Adventures

The pain of Perseus - flirt with a princess at your peril

28th September 2011

Perseus arrived at the home of Andromeda with sun in his heart and desire in his loins and decided that he would skip any small talk and get down to business, enjoying carnal knowledge of the passionate and pert princess. After all, the nubile women of Argos had been lusty and willing sex partners and with their loose morals and even looser bra straps it was clear that all one had to do to obtain sexual satisfaction was to ask a girl to get into bed with you and just get on with it. Little did he know what lay in store for him. He was soon to endure a tough and ever so steep learning curve.

The first sign that something was wrong was the four armed guards standing in the doorway of the large hall, with Andromeda seated to the rear of a solid looking wooden table. The second sign was her face, no longer the ravishing beauty but instead a stern harridan. The third sign was her welcome, a greeting so cold that it would have iced over Hades itself.

Perseus perused the beefy soldiers. He was not armed and with their long spears and circular shields he knew that he would struggle to take on all three at once. The fact that they were also Gymnitai meant that any struggle with them could be highly embarrassing as apart from the spears, shields and leather sandals the men were completely naked as was the custom. If this was Andromeda's personal guard then he had learned one thing about the nubile beauty – she liked her men well hung.

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And so he decided that he would take whatever her anger threw at him. It was clear now that she had heard of his escapades and rather than inspire her to sample his goods, so to speak, she had decided to teach him a lesson – flirt with a princess and then humiliate her and you will find you have a severe price to pay. He marched off with the soldiers to the cells, her curses and taunts ringing in his ears, echoing down the empty stone corridors as he descended to the very depths of the cold fortress, where he was to spend at least one night in miserable isolation, the warmth of a woman's body only a memory...

Continued real soon, another saucy an.d erotic adventure with the uber lusty demi-god Perseus, only to be found here at Bedfordshire esco.