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Erotic Adventures

The perfect woman is only a phone call away

17th December 2012

In the book and film ‘The Stepford Wives’ men replace their partners with robot replicas. The new ‘women’ are always happy, docile, don’t nag and of course the inference is that they are always up for it, no headache tablets required. Science Fiction of course was always a way of commenting on society but being set in the future or in suggesting technology that didn’t exist it could relate its message obliquely. The Stepford Wives then was a treatise on female emancipation, male desire and the basic relationship between the male and female of the species. But the funny thing with living when we do is that technology is fast catching up with fiction.

Scientists have developed a robot arm that is controlled via sensors attached to the wearer’s brain. No need to check the calendar, it isn’t April fool’s! Seriously, we are approaching an age when limbs can be replaced, organs regrown in clones and all we have to do is find a way to preserve the brain. One of the uses of all of this of course would be to create your perfect woman! In the meantime if you want perfection and the most sensual of sensual massages then you’re are in luck, Bedfordshire Escorts are just a phone call away.

Being lazy I would want my Stepford Wife to come with a remote control that I could operate from the lazyboy recliner. Now what was I saying about female emancipation earlier? Oh yes, erm, ahh… Bedfordshire Escorts, where reality is better than fiction.