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Erotic Adventures

The price of going steady...

9th March 2011

Anyone doubting the excellent value to be had from a visiting escorts service should think again. New research shows that it costs the average man a staggering three thousand pounds to get a ‘steady’ girlfriend. I put ‘steady’ in inverted commas because I’m not sure what a steady girlfriend is, mine all keel over from drink but there you are.

No, it’s true; three thousand smackers will need to be spent to cement their special bond between the two of you. What happened to equality? It always seems to go out the window when it comes to paying for drinks at the bar or for that romantic meal... It’s all equality this, equality that when it comes to pay but not when it comes to forking out on some grub!

The research has established that a date costs nearly a hundred quid each and every time – that’s easy to see with a pint and a glass of wine not giving much change from a tenner and a meal for two costing at least forty quid, especially if your girl ‘likes her food’ (i.e. eats like a water buffalo) and has a starter and a pud! If you try to avoid the price of a meal what are the alternatives? The price for a cinema ticket has rocketed these last few years, with £10 a head to get in, and the same again on a drink and a bag of popcorn... Bowling alleys the same and forget about going to the theatre, that enclave of the wealthy, theatre tickets are a whopping fifty notes plus in the West End. The same goes for gigs, with all the big shows commanding big prices. What’s a guy to do?

Anyway, with the average date at a hundred quid and with three dates per week as a relationship starts off that’s three hundred quid a week, twelve hundred quid a month. The research includes one romantic trip away at four hundred and fifty smackers and it takes two and a half months to have the romance in the bag – a massive bill of over three grand folks!

Surprise surprise, men pay the lion’s share. But, the fools, they state that they would pay twice as much if it meant ‘finding the one’.... The one, that will be her who rations sex a little further down the line once the honeymoon period wears off will it? The one who makes you stand in Dorothy Perkins whilst she tries on jeans and asks if her bum looks big? The one who makes you watch rom-coms when you want to watch a skin flick or at the least an action movie? Tell you what, I’ll stick to the girls who know how to give me a good time but don’t expect me to pick them up at the end of a girls’ night out, thanks!